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4th September - 14th September

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Birmingham 11 Plus Mock Exams Answer Sheet


Week 1
(6:30pm-7:30pm Each Day)

Monday 4th September: 11+ English 1
Tuesday 5th September: 11+ Mathematics 1
Wednesday 6th September: 11+ Verbal Reasoning 1
Thursday 7th September: 11+ Non Verbal 1
Friday 8th September: 11+ Exam Techniques & Tips
Saturday 9th September: 11+ English 2

11+ Mock Exam

Sunday 10th September

Birmingham Centre: 9am-11:30am
Warwickshire Centre: 3pm-5:30pm

Next Day Results

Week 2
(6:30pm-7:30pm Each Day)

Monday 11th September: 11+ Mathematics 2
Tuesday 12th September: 11+ Verbal Reasoning 2
Wednesday 13th September: 11+ Non Verbal 2
Thursday 14th September: 11+ Exam Techniques & Tips

Want to know what's included?

Below are some of the key features of our GL 11 Plus September Online Revision Course.

How will this course help your child?

Below are some of the key benefits of the GL 11 Plus September Online Revision Course.

Birmingham 11 Plus Mock Exams

Birmingham 11 Plus Mock Exam Venue

Apollo Hotel
Hagley Rd
B16 9RA

Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exam Venue

Holiday Inn Kenilworth
212 Abbey End

Frequently asked questions

Will the 11+ Mock Exam included in this course be different?

Yes! Each of our 11 Plus Mock Papers is different. We use different questions in each of our exams.

Do you offer an 11 Plus Mock Exam Review for this exam?

There is no review session available for this exam. At this stage in preparation mock exam reviews are not advisable.

When will I receive my child's mock exam results?

All mock exams results are sent on the next day (usually before 8pm). We will send you a text when the results have been sent. If the results email is not in your inbox we recommend checking the junk folder.

What is the purpose of this course?

Our goal with this course is to help children to revise key subjects before the real 11 Plus. This course is also an excellent choice for anyone who wants their child to be familiar with GL subjects in the last 2 weeks leading up to the real 11 Plus. If your child books this course it is assumed that they have done preparation for the 11 Plus and now want to consolidate knowledge and revise.

What is the format of the online course?

Each session lasts for one hour. During each session children will be asked to answer questions which will be displayed on the screen. They will then submit their answers using our interactive polling system. A tutor will then explain the answer to the question and give further tips on things to remember.

If I miss the live session can I rewatch it?

Yes. We record each session and release the recording within 12 hours of the lesson. This will be available until the 20th September.

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