Free 11 Plus Mock Exam For Year 5 January 2024

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What is Included?

We want all Year 5 children to have the chance to experience a Free 11 Plus Mock Exam. Our 2024 Free 11 Plus Mock Exam will be held in both our Birmingham Centre and our Warwickshire Centre.

Our Free 11 Plus Mock Exam Includes:

  • A Full Length 11 Plus Mock Exam.
  • A Detailed Statistical Report delivered to your email one day after sitting the exam.

Who Can Apply?

 Your child must have a birthday between 01/09/2013 and 31/08/2014.

How Many Children sit the free 11 Plus Mock?

 Last year over 450 children sat the Free 11 Plus Mock Exam. Whilst we want to offer the free mock exam to as many children as possible places are limited so we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.

When is the free 11 Plus Mock Exam?

 The Free 11 Plus Mock Exam, this year, will take place on:

Sunday 14th January 2024.

You should only book one free 11 plus mock exam session in one location.

how can mock exams help your child achieve 11 Plus success?

Our 11 Plus Mock Exams are designed to help children to develop the following skills:

  1. Develop confidence and overcome examination nerves.
  2. Improve consistency under timed examination conditions.
  3. Become familiar with the types of question which are likely to come up in GL 11 Plus Exams for in Birmingham, Walsall and Warwickshire.

Give us a call on 0121 270 6423 for further information.

Free 11 Plus Mock Exam Benefits 2024

Experience Our 11 Plus Mock Exams

Our Free 11 Plus Mock Exam will give your child the opportunity to experience live examination conditions. We believe that the best way to show you how valuable our 11 plus mock tests are is to offer the first mock exam free.  

We have developed a system which enables us to send your child’s mock exam results by email the very next day (usually before 10pm).

The Free 11 plus mock exam results include a detailed statistical report which you can use to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the report ranks your child’s performance in comparison to other children so you can see exactly where your child stands.  

Understand what to expect

One of the most common questions we are asked is “what does the 11 Plus involve?”.

We believe that the most effective way for your child to understand what to expect from the 11 Plus is to undertake a mock exam which is designed to simulate the real 11 Plus Exams as closely as possible.

purchase a package that suits your child’s needs

At 11 Plus Mocks we understand that different children need different levels of assistance when preparing for the 11 Plus Exams. For this reason we are able to offer a Three, Five or Ten Mock Exam 11 Plus Packages.


11 plus mock exam packages

Here is a summary of each package:

Three 11 Plus Mock Exam Package

This package includes any three mock tests. There are 10 to choose from.

Five 11 Plus Mock Exam Package

This package includes any 5 mock tests. There are 10 to choose from.

Ten 11 Plus Mock Exam Package 

This package includes all 10 of our 11 Plus Mock Exams and also 9 Mock Exam Review sessions.

Free 11 Plus Mock Exam Subjects 2024

11 Plus English & Verbal reasoning

To be successful in the West Midlands 11 Plus Mock exam, it is vital that your child builds the following core skills:

Deep Knowledge of 11+ Vocabulary

To be successful, your child needs to build a wide ranging and diverse vocabulary. This vocabulary knowledge needs to be thoroughly perfected.

Strong Contextual 11+ Reading Skills

The value of reading skills should not be underestimated. Not only do increased contextual reading skills help your child widen their range of vocabulary, they also give your child the best chance of answering 11+ advanced comprehension questions.

Familiarity with 11+ Verbal Reasoning Question Types.

It is vital that children master the 22 Verbal Reasoning question types. These types of question cover  codes, number operations, vocabulary and logical reasoning exercises.


11 plus mathematics & Non verbal reasoning

Your child needs to build knowledge, speed and accuracy to be successful in 11+ Maths and 11+ Non Verbal Skills.

 Building 11+ Knowledge

Before your child can succeed in the West Midlands 11 Plus Exams there is a need to develop knowledge of how to answer questions.

Developing Speed and Accuracy

After your child understands how to answer questions, the next step is to build speed and accuracy. The key to success in this area of the West Midlands 11 Plus Exams is to develop consistency in performance.

11 plus examination techniques

Success in the West Midlands 11 Plus Exams is about more than just what your child knows. Your child must develop the following four skills when working under examination pressure:





The best way to advance in these four areas is regular examination practice. Your child can benefit from West Midlands 11 Plus Mock Exams to help perfect each of these skills.