Why Choose 11 Plus Mocks?

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At 11 Plus Mocks we are frequently asked the question:

“Why should we choose your 11 plus mock exams?”

Here are some of the key reasons:

Our 11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

1. At 11 Plus Mocks our papers are specifically designed for the CEM Style of 11 Plus exam used in Birmingham, Warwickshire, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Authentic 11 Plus Exam Conditions

2. Our 11 Plus Mock Exams are conducted under authentic examination conditions. This gives your child the valuable opportunity to experience and become comfortable with live examination conditions.

Regularly Updated Papers

3. Our 11+ Mock Tests are updated each year in order to make them as relevant to the real CEM 11 plus exams as possible. At 11 Plus Mocks we have a team of experts who are constantly monitoring changes to the CEM 11 plus.

Computer Marked Answer Sheets

4. We use a separate computer marked answer sheet for all of our mock tests. These separate answer sheets add an additional level of complexity to the 11 plus exams.

Not Commercially Available

5. Our 11 Plus Mock Tests are not commercially available online or in book shops. We do not release our mock exam papers. This is important because when examination materials are released by other companies this undermines the fairness of the examination process.

Challenging 11 Plus Mock Exams

6. Our 11 Plus Mock Tests are challenging and become increasingly difficult as the real 11 Plus Exam gets closer. Each mock exam is designed to highlight areas of strength, but more importantly areas of weakness. This will allow you to target the subject areas where your child needs the most help.

Next Day Results

7. Your child’s 11 Plus Mock Exam results will be sent by email on the day after the exam. Experience has shown us that getting the results to you as quickly as possible will allow you to act on the results and start helping your child improve straight away.

Regular 11 Plus Mock Exams

8. We run TEN 11 Plus Mock Exams throughout the year. Every one of these exams contains different 11 Plus questions. We recommend doing a series of mock exams to get the maximum benefit.

Detailed Statistical Report

9. The results given are very detailed. We provide you with a score, percentage, placement, highest score, lowest score, average score and number of unanswered questions for each section of the mock exam as well as for each test paper and overall.

Closest To The Real 11 Plus

10. Many of our customers over the last few years have contacted us following their 11 plus exams explaining that after sitting mock exams with various companies and comparing these to the real 11 plus exam ours were closer to the real thing than any other 11 Plus Mock Exam provider.

If you would like to speak to us before booking a package of 11 Plus Mocks you can call 0121 270 6423.

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