11 Plus Mock Examinations For Performance Monitoring.

11 plus mock examinations

Many of our past customers have used our 11 Plus Mock Examinations for performance monitoring. Below we outline some of the reasons that performance monitoring is so important when preparing for the Birmingham 11 Plus Examinations and Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exams.

We also recommend using an approved 11 plus tutors to gain the maximum benefit from our 11 plus mock examinations.

Improve 11 Plus Examination Techniques

Commonly, very intelligent children will under-perform when sitting their first 11 plus mock exam. The reason for this is often because children are not used to performing under examination conditions. The development of good examination techniques takes practice. Sitting a series of 11 plus mock examinations will help your child to develop consistency in an examination environment.

Identify 11 Plus Examination Strengths & Weaknesses

As your child prepares for the 11 Plus examinations, it is important to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses at regular intervals. We often find that different strengths and weaknesses can emerge from mock exam to mock exam. When your child sits regular 11 plus mock examinations, this allows you to make sure you are targeting the subject areas that require the most attention.

Understand 11 Plus Examination Procedure

The Birmingham 11 Plus Examinations are significantly different to any other examination your child will have completed in school. It takes practice to adjust to the CEM 11 Plus Examination format because many of the types of question asked are unfamiliar. This is another reason that 11 Plus Mock Examinations are invaluable. The mock tests provided by 11 Plus Mocks are designed to expose children to many of the types of question that have previously been used in CEM 11 Plus Exams.

Using 11 Plus Mock Examinations To Measure Consistency

One good performance in an 11 Plus Mock Examination does not necessarily mean that a child will always perform well. However, if your child can demonstrate consistency, in a series of 11 plus mock exams, they will be much more likely to perform well in the real 11 plus examinations.

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