How To Find The Best 11 Plus Tutor?

Best 11 Plus Tutor

When preparing your child for the Birmingham 11 plus exams it is important that you choose the best 11 plus tutor. Here are some of the important things to remember when looking for an 11 plus tutor for your child.

Check 11 Plus Knowledge

The Best 11 Plus Tutor will be very knowledgeable about the 11 Plus in your local area. It is important to remember that the 11 Plus exams can vary in different areas. Specific knowledge about the 11 plus in your local area will be vital to increase your child’s chance of success in the Birmingham 11 plus exams.

Choose Group 11 Plus Tuition

The Birmingham 11 Plus Exam is a competitive test and there is no set pass mark. Children must surpass the scores of other participants to be successful. Being in a group environment will help your child to develop a competitive approach to the 11 plus exams. The best 11 plus tutor will understand that providing group 11 plus tuition with individual attention is the best approach to 11 plus preparation.

Ensure 11 Plus Experience

There are many tutors claiming to provide 11 plus tuition when they do not understand the requirements of the Birmingham 11 Plus. We strongly recommend that you check the experience of any 11 plus tutor you choose. The best 11 plus tutors will have at least 10 years of experience preparing children for grammar school entrance examinations. However, in addition to years of experience it is vital that the 11 plus tutor understands recent changes to the Birmingham 11 plus exam.

 Verify 11 Plus Materials

There are many tutors who will use 11 plus materials form book shops or the internet without assessing their suitability for the Birmingham 11 Plus Exam. There are very few 11 plus materials that are custom made for particular 11 plus exams. For this reason many of the Best 11 Plus Tutors have created a large amount of material specifically designed for the Birmingham 11 Plus Exam.

 External 11 Plus Mock Exams

There are many 11 plus tuition centres that also provide 11 plus mock exams. However, the best 11 plus tutors recommend an external 11 plus mock exam provider to objectively test their student’s progress at regular intervals.

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