11 Plus Mock Exam Terms and Conditions 

The following terms and conditions relate to all 11 Plus Mock Exam services carried out by 11 Plus Mocks Limited. By purchasing any of our products you agree to the following terms and conditions. Duration and Late Pickup: Each 11 Plus Mock Exam has a prescribed duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Parents are obligated to promptly retrieve their children upon conclusion; a tardiness exceeding 10 minutes incurs a charge of £25. Exam Materials: The 11 Plus Mock Exams are meticulously controlled, and the associated materials are not commercially available. Papers and answer sheets remain unreleased to maintain equitable examination conditions. Special Accommodations: Regrettably, the provision of accommodations such as extra time or modified papers is not within our purview. Instructions and Soundtrack: Comprehensive instructions are disseminated through an auditory soundtrack. In the event of a soundtrack failure, invigilators are equipped to orally communicate instructions to candidates. Booking and Refunds: All bookings for the 11 Plus Mock Exams, facilitated through our website (www.11plusmocks.co.uk), are non-refundable. One instance of date change per exam is permissible without additional charges, contingent upon availability. However, purchased packages are non-transferrable. Age Group: The 11 Plus Mock Exams are expressly designed for children in Year 5. Violation and Disqualification: Violations of examination conditions prompt a preliminary warning; persistent prohibited conduct results in disqualification, accompanied by parental notification. Exam Venue and Observation: Parents are prohibited from entering the examination rooms or engaging in the observation of the examination process. Terms of Service Agreement: The act of purchasing the 11 Plus Mock Exams necessitates parental agreement to abide by the stipulated terms of service. Results and Marking: Answer sheets are subjected to a computerised marking process. Any anomalies are then manually checked. Results are conveyed via email on the subsequent day, typically by 8 pm. The controlled nature of the examinations precludes the viewing of test papers; however, a manual check by 11 Plus Mocks staff is available at the cost of £10 if a discrepancy is perceived. Result Sharing: Parents retain the privilege to share examination results with their child’s teacher or tutor. Rescheduling: In circumstances where scheduled examinations cannot proceed, necessary rearrangements will be made, and affected parents shall be duly notified. Intellectual Property: All intellectual property rights pertaining to the content of the 11 Plus Mock Exams, including examination papers and answer sheets, are retained exclusively by 11 Plus Mocks Limited. Exam Updates: The content of the 11 Plus Mock Exams undergoes annual updates to reflect the latest modifications in the actual 11 Plus examination. Each iteration of the examinations is distinct, progressing in difficulty, and comprehensively covering all four fundamental 11 Plus subjects (Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning).