Warwickshire 11+ Mock Exam Dates

This Warwickshire 11+ Mock Exam is for children in Year 5. The venue for the tests is Citrus Hotel Coventry South You will receive an email report on the day following the test. If your child is in Year 5 we advise you to book one of the exams below for an independent view of how your child is performing:

    Warwickshire 11+ Mock Exam Packages

    To receive the maximum benefit from each Warwickshire 11+ Mock Exam we strongly suggest booking an 11 Plus Mock Test package. A series of mock exams will help you to track your child’s improvement over time and highlight weaknesses as they arise.

      Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exam Benefits

      Our 11 Plus Mock Tests are designed to offer several benefits for your child.

      • Improved Confidence – Your child’s ability to perform confidently in 11 Plus Exam conditions.
      • Format Familiarity – Your child will have the opportunity to become familiar with the structure and procedure involved in the 11 Plus Exams.
      •  Identify Weaknesses – Discover which areas your child needs to work on the most. Our detailed statistical report is extremely useful in this regard.
      • Next Day Email Report – We send your child’s detailed statistical report to your email on the day following the 11 plus mock exam. This allows you to start working on weaknesses almost immediately.

      11+ Mock Exam Reviews

      After each Warwickshire 11+ Mock Exam we offer an 11+ Mock Exam review. During the review your child will benefit from the following:

      • An 11 Plus Expert will go through each question and explain how the questions should be answered.
      • Your child will be given examination technique advice for each section of the exam.
      • This will be conducted in a small group (maximum 10 children per group)
      • Each review session will last for 2 hours.

      The cost for each 11+ Mock Exam Review is £40.

      11+ Mock Exam Bham