Walsall 11 Plus Registration

Walsall 11 Plus Test Registration Details 2019

It is vital when preparing for the Walsall 11 Plus that parents stay up to date with the admissions timetable. Every year there are examples of parents, who miss 11 plus application deadlines and as a result, their children are unable to sit the 11 Plus Exams. 

Registration Opens In April 2019

  • Walsall 11 Plus Exam Registration Opens April 2019

Date: April 2019  Click here to register

We would advise all parents to register for the 11 plus tests as soon as registration opens. Registration for this exam is usually completed using an online application form.

Walsall 11 Plus Test Registration Deadline 2019

Date: 5th July 2019

This is an extremely important date. Please ensure that your registration is completed well before this date.

Walsall Grammar Schools Entrance Test Date 2019

Date: Monday 16th September 2019

Always remember to arrive at the 11 Plus examination with plenty of time to spare. 

Walsall Grammar Schools Test Results 2019

Results will be posted to parents in October 2019 –  Please Note this is not the offer of a place.

Results are usually sent by post. When you receive your score you can use this as a guide when filling out your School preference form.

Walsall Local Authority Preference Form Deadline 2019

Date: 31 October each year (please check this with your local authority)

The deadline for the Walsall local authority preference form given above. If you live in another Local Authority please contact them to confirm their deadline.

We would advise all parents to fully prepare for the 11 Plus Exams. Also please share this page with other 11 Plus Parents.