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Warwickshire 11 pLUS mOCK eXAMs

We perform detailed research to ensure that our mock exams are as close as possible to the Birmingham, Warwickshire and Walsall 11 Plus Exams.

Children, who sit our Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exams, can rest assured that they are undertaking a practice test that resembles the actual 11 Plus.

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Statistical report

Our Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exams include a report giving you all the information you need to understand your child’s performance. You can clearly identify areas of strength and weakness.

Additionally, our 11 Plus Mocks show you, how your child has performed compared to other children who are also preparing for the same exam.


additional feedback

For just £20 you can request an In-Depth Feedback Report. When you order this report, our Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exam experts will review your child’s performance.

We comment on areas of strength, areas of weakness, and our opinion about your child’s chance for 11 plus success, based on past experience.

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Warwickshire 11 Plus Subjects 2017-2018

11 Plus English & Verbal reasoning

To be successful in the Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock exams, it is vital that your child builds the following core skills:

Deep Knowledge of 11+ Vocabulary

To be successful, your child needs to build a wide ranging and diverse vocabulary. This vocabulary knowledge needs to be thoroughly perfected.

Strong Contextual 11+ Reading Skills

The value of reading skills should not be underestimated. Not only do increased contextual reading skills help your child widen their range of vocabulary, they also give your child the best chance of answering 11+ advanced comprehension questions.

11 plus mathematics & Non verbal reasoning

Your child needs to build knowledge, speed and accuracy to be successful in 11+ Maths and 11+ Non Verbal Skills.

 Building 11+ Knowledge

Before your child can succeed in the Warwickshire 11 Plus Exams there is a need to develop knowledge of  how to answer questions.

Developing Speed and Accuracy

After your child understands how to answer questions, the next step is to build speed and accuracy. The key to success in this area of the Warwickshire 11 Plus Exams is to develop consistency in performance.

11 plus examination techniques

Success in the Warwickshire 11 Plus Exams is about more than just what your child knows. Your child must develop the following four skills when working under examination pressure:





The best way to advance in these four areas is regular examination practice. Your child can benefit from Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exams below to perfect each of these skills.

Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exam Benefits 2017-2018

Build confidence

When preparing for any exam or test confidence is key to success. One of the most effective methods to build confidence is practice.

That is why all schools hold mock exams before GCSE’s, most good driving instructors conduct mock driving tests and many of us will rehearse before going for a job interview.

Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exams provide an excellent opportunity for high quality practice. Packages are available at a reduced rate.


You will surely agree that the Warwickshire 11 plus is a daunting experience for a 10/11 year old. Because of this every year we see children who experience nerves.

When your child is exposed to the live examination conditions at our Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exams, there is an excellent opportunity to overcome nerves and build confidence.

Our advice is to leave nothing to chance. Overcoming nerves is just as important as 11 plus knowledge.

build consistency

Even the most able children make mistakes. The only way to overcome what are often called “silly mistakes” is to practice examination technique.

When your children were young and just starting to walk, we are sure there were plenty of tumbles until they felt their feet, and developed the ability to walk consistently.

Our Warwickshire 11 Plus Mock Exams are carefully designed to challenge the most able children whilst presenting an opportunity to build increased consistency.