What Are 11 Plus Mock Exams?

11 Plus Mock Exam Subjects

The subjects covered in 11 Plus Mock Exams are English, Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning & Mathematics. Within each of these four main 11 plus subject areas there are several subcategories.

When preparing for the 11 plus exams in Birmingham, Walsall & Warwickshire it is essential to understand what your child is required to know for each of these subjects.

We suggest booking a package of 11 Plus Mock Exams to ensure that your child is familiar with the common types of question which are likely to come up in the real 11 plus exams.

11 Plus Mock Exam Format

It is vital that children understand the format of the CEM 11 plus exams. Our 11 plus mocks exams consist of two exam paper, each lasting for approximately 50 minutes.

Each paper is split into individually timed sections. Your child will answer 11 plus questions using a separate answer sheet which is computer marked.

Every year we receive feedback from students who have taken our 11 plus mock exams, commenting that our exams are extremely close in format to the real 11 plus exams.

11 Plus Mock Exam Techniques

The techniques required for the CEM style of 11 plus exams are significantly different from those required for traditional 11 plus exams.

Children need to develop:

  • flexibility
  • excellent time management
  • organisation discipline

Our 11 plus mock exams in Birmingham & Warwickshire give children the opportunity to develop these skills under authentic examination conditions.

11 PLus Mock Packages

11 Plus Mocks Reviews

Jane R. Warwickshire

Sitting 11 plus mock exams with 11 Plus Mocks helped my daughter to become comfortable under examination conditions. When Sophie came out of her 11 plus exam she told us it (the 11 plus) was just like another mock exam. We booked five 11 plus mock exams and felt the experience was extremely beneficial.

Amrit S. Birmingham

We found 11 Plus Mocks in a magazine that came home with our daughter. We booked three 11 plus mock exams and found the service we received to be highly professional. 11 Plus Mocks really understand the CEM 11 Plus and provided results quickly on the day after each 11 plus mock exam.