CEM Online 11 Plus Mock Exams 2022

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  1. Find out how your child is performing in key 11 Plus Areas.
  2. Highlight key strengths and areas for improvement.
  3. Authentic CEM style questions.
  4. Exam & Review Course designed to improve performance.
  5. Next day results by email (usually before 8pm)
  6. Give your child the best chance of 11 Plus success.

CEM Online 11 Plus Mock Exams 2022

CEM Online 11 Plus Mocks: Exam Benefits 2022

Our Online 11 Plus Mock Exams allow you to monitor your child’s performance at regular intervals in the year leading to their 11 Plus Exam.

Children can become comfortable sitting timed tests under examination conditions and build confidence to increase their chance of 11 plus success.

Our Online 11 Plus Mock Tests are designed based on the CEM 11 Plus Exams in format, structure and content. We cover all 11 Plus subjects.

We carry out our Online 11 Plus Mocks in authentic examination conditions, allowing your child to familiarise themselves with the 11 plus examination process.

We provide a comprehensive statistical feedback report, which will help you or your tutor to identify and target the areas that need attention.

The mock report is sent to your email on the day following the online 11 plus mock examination. This next day report allows you to quickly target areas of weakness.